Case Study 1: EG

Male, adult, director (engineer). Needs English to communicate with peers, especially since his company was overtaken by a multi-national corporation.

Level: A2. Talkative, which is good, but speaks in translation mode.

CS 2: Jay & SG

Males, adults, both senior directors (engineers). Don’t need English for work at the moment, but would not like to see their level drop due to lack of use. Very often, only 1 student is present (sometimes with warning, sometimes without).
Level: both B2, with different strengths and weaknesses. I mainly concentrate on fluency, and advanced lexicon such as phrasal verbs and idioms. Also need listening practice, especially informal dialogues.

CS 3: JC

Male, adult, health inspector. Needs English for general purpose.

Level: B1. Class is held in a café, so recorded listening hasn’t been used so far, though marked for homework (which isn’t normally done!). I could use headphones, I guess. Has forgotten quite a bit, I think, so, going through recollection phase.

CS 4: M & MP

It’s a strange class. Mother, 40s, teacher (MP) and daughter, 11 (M). Needs English for general purpose.

M – Level: A1. She’s got a good grammatical background, does well at school, had previously been going to extra classes with native teacher. Pronounces well, but need more fluency practice. Problem is she wants to do textbook exercises!

MP – Level: A2. Used to be a student of mine a long time ago, but recently decided to take up lessons again. Rusty knowledge needs to be re-polished.

CS 5: JR

Male, adult, software technician by day, professional musician by night. Needs English for general purpose, and also for work (he works for an international company).

Level: A1. False beginner. Can barely string two good sentences together, but is slowly recollecting stuff he’d learned from school years ago.

CS 6: J-Ro

Female, undergraduate (Primary education). Needs English for examinations, and for the future.

Level: B1. Talkative, fluent. Main weakness is pronunciation.


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