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I first wrote about the ideas for using this Queen’s classic more than two years ago in my first blog. You can read about it here. As most ideas are, they may be appropriate for one class, but not for another; so, I decided to revamp it for my current lot of students. Feel free to use my ideas, but some feedback would be appreciated.




Post-lesson reflection

The fact that the students enjoyed the activity was undeniable, but the fact that they found it very difficult is also undeniable. So, with the B1s, I’d give them more help with the pictures – during the feedback of their brainstorming session, I’d casually mention the words associated with the images. Quite possibly, I’d even do this with the B2s. Perhaps, higher levels will be able to cope.

I would also do the lexis activity BEFORE the listening.

These changes were incorporated in the following song activity I did. This I will blog about soon!