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The essence of today’s lesson (31st Oct) revolved around an incident which happened in one of the students’ home. She was going to bake a cake. Having prepared the mix, she turned on the oven, but it tripped the circuit breaker. She couldn’t solve the problem, so she marched off with the batter, kids in tow, to her sister’s house to bake it.

This, unsurprisingly, gave rise to vocabulary centring around baking and electrical equipment. See captions below images.

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For the difference between electric, electrical and electronic, click here.

Beating flour /flaʊə(r)/ into a cake mixture using electric beaters

Multiple sockets on a power strip with switch

Chiew's circuit breaker

Typical Home Circuit Breaker. Circuit breakers are housed in a unit called a fuse box.

The above image has been prepared with the aid of David Warr’s Plant Maker 2, with a little stretch of the imagination.

Now, with a stretch of your imagination, see what combination of phrases you can come up with. I’ve just realised that the words at the bottom left is not very clear; they are: “RESET THE”.