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 @sx200i sent this out in a tweet, which I happened to notice in my #ELT stream. Although @sx200i wasn’t in my PLN (he is now, after our brief exchange), I directed him to a series of speaking ideas in my acliltoclimb blog. I hope he’ll find some ideas he can use.

I’m pleased, however, that I don’t appear to have any problems with EG. Even though it’s a 90-minute, no-break class, we’ve almost always found topics to talk about.

Sometimes, it’s a case of being attentive to not only what’s being said, but the layers above, below, in between and all around. Think of question words. Look beyond what’s being said.

Today’s class started with a conversation, of all things, on a mouse in EG’s house.

Who noticed it? It was his wife.
How did she react? Hysterical.
What did he do? Set a trap.
How? He used a glue trap.
What is a glue trap?
What did he do with the trapped mouse?

The conversation could have then been directed towards the morality of glue traps, and such issues, but, instead, I decided to steer it towards a meeting he was to have later in the day which, in turn, led to a discussion on the various methods of generating electricity using solar energy.

My main objective in these classes with EG is to raise the level of his fluency, so I tend to correct little, preferring, instead, to encourage him to review my reflections, in his own time, to work on the vocabulary and pronunciation aspects.

Today’s list is short, partly because I had to devote the last 30 minutes to the coursebook, which I’m forced to use from time to time.

solar thermal energy /ˈsəʊlə /ˈθɜːml/ ˈenədʒi/
photovoltaic /ˌfəʊtəʊˌvɒlˈteɪɪk/
temperature /ˈtemprɪtʃə/
magnifying glass /ˈmæɡnɪfaɪɪŋ ɡlɑːs/
vapour /ˈveɪpə/
vaporize /ˈveɪpəraɪz/
isolated /ˈaɪsəˌleɪtɪd/
subsidy /ˈsʌbsədi/
recoup /rɪˈkuːp/ or recover /rɪˈkʌvə(r)/ an investment
resistor /rɪˈzɪstə(r)/