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Today was the last lesson of the present course for EG, and whether his company will approve the next course remains to be seen. We both hope it will as EG appeared to be satisfied with his progress, and the lessons. He said, ‘If you explain grammar, I won’t learn; this way, I learn more’ (first conditional!).

As it happened, EG had a meeting in La Palma, an island a short flight away, and we couldn’t have planned it better if what we wanted was to carry on from where we left off at the previous lesson, as you can see from the similarity of the images in the previous and this post.

The Canary Islands produce some good wines; due to its volcanic soil, the taste is quite unique. So, after the meeting, EG was invited to a wine cellar for some tasting, which resulted in his buying a rather expensive bottle of wine, but, as we all know, we are no longer allowed to bring liquids into planes…

It was a rather eventful flight home, so the conversation was flowing, but not the wine 😉

See what you can make out of these:


  • enough /ɪˈnÊŒf/
  • high /haɪ/
  • mobile /ˈməʊbaɪl/
  • The blade is 35 metres long (not: the blade has 35m)
  • conditionals
  • first: If we don’t hurry, we’ll miss our flight.
  • second (& reported speech): I told her if we didn’t hurry, we would miss our flight.
  • third: If you hadn’t bought the wine, you would have caught the last direct flight from La Palma.
For more practice on conditionals and other points that we’d touched upon today: