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The hot weather spell stretched over the weekend, and that was where our conversation started. It turned out that EG had a relatively relaxing weekend, just chilling out with his family. He described how he spent Saturday with his son, taking him out for a ‘short’ run, and had a family lunch on Sunday at a popular fish restaurant near the beach.

Fish, wine & working out on Dogme Diaries

Then a phone call diverted the course of the conversation, which was approaching its natural death anyway, to something more business-like.

I wonder if you could imagine the conversation by this list of emergent language:


  • work out (He regularly works out in the gym)
  • aerobic vs anaerobic /ˌænəˈrəʊbɪk/
  • stretch – stretching
  • flex – flexible
  • injure – injury
  • strength /streŋθ/ (noun) – strengthen (verb) – strong (adjective)
  • muscle – muscular
  • basement
  • owner
  • yacht /jɒt/
  • dock (noun and verb) – harbour – marina
  • treadmill /ˈtredˌmɪl/ (jogging machine)
  • well-known
  • to be in a good/bad mood
  • treat /triːt/ (The owner treats his staff well)
  • client – customer
  • roast vs bake (For detailed explanation and activities, click HERE)
  • average (The average price is 25€ per head)
  • (wine) cellar
  • see vs watch (I saw many yachts docked at the marina; I watched the yachts sailed into the sunset)
  • feel like (I didn’t feel like going out)
  • shareholder
  • council
  • go bankrupt
  • administer – administration – administrator
  • misunderstand (verb) – misunderstanding (noun)
  • get on with (They didn’t get on well with each other)
  • board of directors (consejo de administración)

  • arrive /əˈraɪv/
  • muscle /ˈmʌs(ə)l/
  • closed /kləʊzd/
  • minute /ˈmɪnɪt/
  • variety /vəˈraɪəti/
  • oblige /əˈblaɪdʒ/

  • As/When you get older, you lose muscle mass.
  • He has more strength than me, but I’m more flexible.
  • On the Saturday
  • near of my house
  • depend on