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Hot lesson on Dogme Diaries

The heat wave hitting the island this week dictated the start and the trajectory of the lesson today, but it wasn’t a typical conversation or lesson on weather; we drifted in and out of dogmetic surrealism, venturing into such diverse areas as chilling out, power plant cooling systems diving, and giant shellfish.

So, what did we touch upon?


  • land (as opposed to earth)
  • moist – moisture; cold and damp; hot and humid
  • last (Spanish: durar)
  • undercurrent – undertow /ˈʌndə(r)ˌtəʊ/
  • well-known
  • flippers – fins
  • dead end
  • covering, coating (Spanish: revestimiento)
  • railings (Spanish: barandilla)
  • magnet
  • rust (noun and verb) – rusty (adjective)
  • condense – condenser – condensation
  • plankton /ˈplæŋktən/
  • breakwater (Spanish: escollera)
  • (roof) tiles (Spanish: tejas)
  • clay
  • surface /ˈsɜː(r)fɪs/
  • circuit /ˈsɜː(r)kɪt/
  • the better (instead of ‘the best’)
  • more at the east (instead of ‘more to the east’ or ‘farther to the east’)
  • not using the past participle in adjectives, as in My house is protected or The sea is contaminated.
  • a lot of waves
  • near of the beach
  • don’t must (instead of shouldn’t)