We practically picked up where we left off last lesson, killing two birds with one stone, and the other bird is none other than computers. JC, if you’re reading this, here is a link to help you with common ICT terms: Worm in a Trojan? There are some explanation and activities there, and you should do at least the third task.

All right, let’s see what we’d learned on this lesson –

  • inch (it’s surprising – or not – how many metric users don’t know this word)
  • update
  • trick
  • valid
  • advice (noun), advise (verb)
  • lap – laptop – notebook – netbook – tablet
  • warehouse
  • field /fiːld/
  • PLN – personal learning network
  • fear – fearful – frightened – to be afraid
  • key – keyboard
  • entertain (verb) – entertainment (noun) – entertaining (adjective)
  • worth (see mind map)
Mind map on The Dogme Diaries

We also looked at the -ed and the -ing forms of adjectives (the -ed form describes how you feel; the -ing form describes the objects that cause these feelings)

  • entertained – entertaining
  • interested – interesting
  • bored – boring

We also went through the second conditional

  • If I knew more about computers, I would feel safer.

and the present perfect:

  • have forgotten (have/has + past participle): I have forgotten what we learned last week.

For more on second conditional click here. For present perfect, click here.
Well, that was the lesson for the day. Perhaps next time I see JC, he would be with a laptop, considering it would be his birthday the following week!